About this blog

First of all, nothing on this blog is serious. Really. Its a joke. Nothing is important or valuable, unless you decide that way, but… it is absolutely your option. And… there is no incentive or commitment from my side.

Life is not serious nor important. Life is what it is, and seriousness and importance are our categories, perspectives, glasses trough which we watch the world. Mainly in a harmful way.

It doesn’t mean, that there are no things in life worth giving it, worth sacrifice. But it is too, nothing serious. 🙂

Author of this blog is not a native English speaker, nor educated in area of this language (just a self mad amateur), so… every advice or corrections will be appreciated.

I wish you all peace and happiness, because sometimes I think, the only thing we do, is to avoiding it at all cost, with all strength we have in our disposal.

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