Life is a game

img_0437Life is a game. At least most of us make it so. Can you remind yourself watching a game of your favorite team, or contender? What was a discipline? What kind of game? Did they/he/she win? How did you feel when it happen?

And now, the little picture from the screen of every TV: The reporter approaching a man who won, who achieved, who did it, and the question is… How do you feel achieving this? And then comes answers, describing how good it is to feel in that very moment.

So, this is our life. Our very life. We live it that way on the most profound level. We even don’t see it, because it is so natural like an air. How it goes?

Double bind game.

First of all, we need to discern one thing. Once you establish something “outside” of you as desired, once achieving this can give you any positive emotions, the same moment you establish a mechanism that can hurt you, your feelings and emotions if things will go other way.

We need to underline, that prise comes always with the punishment, although we discern only possibility of prize not a harm. But pursuing a win, we pursue a harm. We literally create happiness and despair in our life. There is, in fact, no other sources of these emotions than us, who feel them.

“Life is a game” – means, we have established a set of conditions, terms, goals in life. If life “runs” that way, if it, with our help and effort, meet these conditions, we feel great. And opposite, when life is not what we expect as fair at least, we feel, and therefore we are, depressed, stressed, harmed.

Did he treat you with respect? Does she loves you? Are they fair to you? Did they cheat on you, did they steal from you, or have  they been honest? Was people honest and fair to you? Heave you been treated as you deserve? Did your efforts bring results as they should?

We are hypnotically directed to…

We change our life in the game, by making “things” “important” for us.  We derive happiness from it. From achieving these “things”. When our team wins we are enjoyed, exhilarated, when our team loses, our feelings are quite different. Thats exactly the same mechanism, we impose on our life. We are constantly directed to events, possibilities and past “results”, in our life. Hypnotically directed, deliriously directed, insane directed. Nothing can detach our gaze from these developments of things. Nothing can detach our gaze from past or from the future, because there lays our happiness or our curse. It is the most profound thing, so we can’t stop, thinking about it, watching it, caring about it.

Happiness is there, therefore we are to.

All our happiness and all our despair is there. In the right or bad development of events. In the right or bad events of our life. In the right or bad other people behavior. In right or bad developments of circumstances. In what happens. We are all there.

We are on the move

So we are threatened. We are in danger. We are in the move, to assure prosperity and success, to prevent worst. Life is a game, we can win, and say to the world how it feels to win the game.

But it is all our creations. Life never was a game. And in fact, it isn’t. This all we’ve created, and we create it again and again, so immanently, that we can’t even imagine, that life can be lived different way.

This mechanism: turning to the outside in the search of “how it should be”,  creates a game. This “turning to, in search of”, gives us a prize of happiness when reality meets our expectations and keeps us running and struggling.

Walk out?

We literally play game we’ve created. Through all our life. We just change our life in that game. We live that way. And maybe it’s time to walk out. Not from life, quite opposite, from the invented game, which constitutes of establishing conviction how life should be,  expecting life to be that way, struggling to achieve desired state, and experiencing all the frustration, stress, happiness and joy coming from game we’ve invented and playing.

And the question remains: Did we really lived?

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