Point of equity of your life

You have always in some point of equity in your life or, maybe more appropriate to say, you are always in some point of balance and equity in your life. Or… we may say, your life is always in some point of equity.

What is it? What’s about it? What comes from it?

Yep. It is that all your emotions you experience, all your deeds and actions you take sustain each other. Your actions come from your emotions, and evokes them again, so you act as last time, end experience the previous feelings and emotions.

All this leads to self sustaining circle, movement, mechanism. Longer it works, more stable it is and it is more difficult to make any change to it. In this way, we become what we are.

In the point of equity you get positive incentives to act as previous and negative ones if you try to act other way. Of course, you may get a very negative feelings too, you may consciously want to avoid and get rid of. You may get a lot of depression, frustration, despair etc. But still, there will be some jolts of pleasure or satisfaction, some positive feelings that will keep you on track. Although you may not be aware of them.

So we often recognize situation like this: everything is bad, there is no hope, I am bad end helpless. It seems as a stream of negative emotions. But you will probably do something that will give you positive emotions and simultaneously will keep you in your situations, make you repeat your actions.

You may even derive satisfaction (which is some kind of valuable pleasure) from observation that you are right when you see/judge/think that you really are helpless and world is helpless, and everything is bad. This, some perverse, mechanism really works. You may derive pleasure from notice that you are right about negative view of yourself. So you will be helpless and you act the way that will make you helpless, because you will derive conviction that you are right, from it.

It’s very hard to change that mechanism, to move the point of equity of your life to different location. Your emotions sustain your actions and your actions sustain your emotions. And if it repeats it means that you derive some pleasure from it, even if it comes from perverse satisfaction that you are right about your own misery.

But there might be a some level of frustration too,  that you may want to avoid. And this is how to do it. How to change point of equity of you life, how to move it in different spot.

1. Believe in God. It is not fancy nowadays but it will give you a point of reference outside of you, outside of your will, abilities, potential. It is no longer crucial if you can or can’t do something, because it is something behind you.

2. Be honest to yourself about your emotions. To many times we just push our negative convictions, opinions, emotions in unawareness, in unconsciousness.  They not disappear there. They constantly hurt us from there. We only can’t see them, but we still fell harm.

3. Treasure beauty. Sunsets, music, picture, light of sun on the wall, will keep you out of your stream of self sustaining thoughts and will bring you closer to reality itself. It will give you space and cause you be real.

4. Look at what you want, achieve, to be. Don’t bother hesitations, of doubts. Just look at it. How you want to be. You don’t have to be specific, you may not push yourself. You may do it completely free of stress, tension, compulsion, coercion imposing of yourself. In fact, that way, you may see what you really are 🙂

5. Ingrain the picture you saw in point 4, in your heart. The emotions you felt when you saw it in your consciousness. Let it seep into your inside and feel as it dissolve layers of former picture. Let yourself feel as it renew you, as even your breath becomes deeper. Like you have come to the surface, from under the water, and see some light and sun on your skin.

6. Be with that feeling. Be with it.

7. Think what you may do. Absolutely do not push yourself. Do not think what you should do, or what you have to do, or what you must do. All that will be contradiction of yourself. All preasure you impose on yourself through your will, will hurt you not express you. Will constrain you, not allow you to grow and flourish. Think what you may do, in what directions you may head on. See it. Allow yourself to see it. To see yourself and the reality.

8. Do what you want. Read. Get knowledge. Plan. Pray. Meditate. But after all, return to that place. The place where you know that God is next to you. That you may contemplate beauty. That you may free yourself. That you can see yourself as you want which is as you really are. The place that you allow feelings from previous step, to seep into your mind, into your heart, even into your body, every cell and every atom of you. The place that you may see what you want to do, and you become aware that you are smiling. The place where all of it started, and starts again. To your heart.

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