The good and evil

Do you like sport competition? Have you ever cheered on your favourite team or contender? Did you want him or them to win?

Yeah. Probably yes. And… what did you feel when your team or your sportsman won?  Exhilaration, joy, elation… You felt just like this sweet, creative, positive feelings flows through your body, your mind. You’ve sing, or shout, or just clasp your hands. And still you felt this good energy flowing through you.

And… when you team or contender lost. Your feelings were quite different. You felt disappointed, little heavy-hearted, sad. You still felt feelings flowing through you, but this time it were negative feelings. These feelings were of depressive nature, were unpleasant, you needed something different to get to normal mood.

Why is that? Why in one situation we feel good and in another we feel bad. Why in one situation we feel a stream of positive, creative energy that makes us breathing deeper, smiling, full of joy, and on the other situation we have all this sad feelings being defeated, harmed, sad?

Have you ever been discontented with yourself? With what you have done or what has happened to you? Have you been discontented with your life? You’ve felt all these negative feelings, negative energy, accompanying with that discontent?

Why is that? What’s the reason to feel all this negative depressed feelings and opposite, to feel all this positive ones?

It is that way: We enjoy if something is good, we suffer if something is bad.

But what is it good, or bad? Why something is good and why something is bad?

What we want to exist – is good, and

What we want to not exist – is evil/bad.

That’s so simple. It is expression of our will directed to the reality, that creates the good and evil for us. We do it constantly, always. We do it relating to the future events and to the past, and to the present. We express our will, what should be. What should exist. In the future, in the past, in the present.

Why we do that? Because it is all our life. We can;t live other way. We are rooted in it. We do not know life, that could be different. And we do it, because it gives us sweetness. It is sweet, when something goes on as you think/want it to be. That’s it! That’s the bait we are reaching for.  And, according to the Bible, the first people have reached for. It is sweet. It is good. When reality goes according to your will.

That was discord, between people and God (you may use a different name). People have started “to know” the good and evil, ie expressed their will what should be in reality and what shouldn’t. They became like God, because God creates reality through his/hers will.

It is like a drug. Our whole life depends on it. We create desire, the expression of our will, of our intention, directed towards reality. We create conviction abut how reality should be, what is or will be, good. Then we examine that reality, to get that sweetness, all that good feelings and energy, that comes to us, when reality goes on according to our expectations, our will, when it is good.

So we constantly create environment which gives us either, positive or negative feedback, feelings, states. It’s some kind of vicious circle. When your balance sheet have more positives than negatives, you can bear it or even like it. In the other way, it became hard to carry on.

This is the game, we play with our life.  And it is our choice to decide if we want it to continue. And we can walk out from this strange performance. But… it is an another story.

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