The place beyond despair

Usually we take sadness, depression and ultimately despair as a very, very bad things. They harm us in a serious way. Deeper we are on this road, more painful it is.

So we struggle. Struggle to stay strong, to stay straight, to not give up. That’s all we try. And we suffer. More and more. Pain grows sometimes as effort grows. And in the end we cannot bear any more. We just meet the end.  What then?

Should we struggle again? Of course, we can’t give up. There will be better days. Things that are bed will turn to the better. You just need to keep fighting, to keep hope, to know and believe that life can be better.

But. It may not. Be better.

As long as you trying, as long as you “keeping hope”, as long as hope that things can, and will, change as long as you keep your effort, you suffer. Just more and more.  So ultimately you have two choices, except the previous one, which can bring you no solution: you can either go down into to spiral of self-destructive  behaviours, including the ultimate one, or you can go step further.

Step further.

You can go beyond despair. Just one step. Into unknown. You can leave, everything. Just everything. You can leave everything you hoped for, everything you cared for, everything you wanted to, everything you were scared of. You can just make this step. And you don’t know where are you going. That’s it. You don’t know where.

Because everything you did, was keeping with what you know. Wanting of what you know. Desiring what you know. You are/were linked to what you know. You knew ALL YOUR WORLD, and ALL YOUR LIFE. Or… you thought that you knew it, or… more exactly you’ve just CREATED IT.

So step further, into unknown, is a step beyond your LIFE. Or… more exactly, beyond what you think, and recognized as your life.

The step further is literally losing your life. Everything you recognize as it.

And then you may discover. Such a freedom. Such a peace. Such a beauty. The endless ocean of life and time and….

You may meet IT. Or Him. Names are not most important. In that place, names starts to fade, because they are “meta” something between us and reality.  So you can’t name it. There is no name to describe it. You can’t speak of it. But you can, make the step.

If you’ll do it, you will loose, everything. So, if you have something to loose, it is difficult step to take. Otherwise, it can be the only possible thing to do, action to take.

We are constantly hypnotically linked to things and our thoughts. We have build our own life, our own prison, our own trap. We did it and doing it so tenaciously, that we can’t stop, even if there is no more oxygen in it.

It is just possibility. You just may. Not ought to. You may take a step further, when you are in a dead end of despair, and you can find a place beyond despair, and believe me, you may be astonished.

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