What do you want?

What do you want?

What do you really want? – You will be questioned by life coaches, spiritual teachers, sometimes, by yourself. What do you really want?

Do you know it? Or… maybe you just wandering without goal, floating on the surface day to day experience. Are you a bullet rushing to the aim or a leaf, unhappy, floating on the wind or on the waves, carried by the currents?

These are fundamental, basic questions that defines you, your behaviour, your efficiency, your well-being.

So, first of all, you must establish and determine, what do you really want. Once you determine this, you can start your journey to realize your goals, to achieve what you really want, to change your situation, to change reality around you.

That’s a big task, but worth your effort. Why? Because you will materialize what you really want. And then what? Then? You will be fulfilled, happy, satisfied. You will achieve your success.

Why do you want, what you want?

So, but, why you really want, what you want?

It is a stupid question? Isn’t it? Lets say it again: Why you really want, what you want?

Cause I’m not good now? Cause I am not quite happy know? Cause I’m dissatisfied now. Cause I need something, I need something different. Cause I feel bad! Cause I feel lack of something. Cause, what I want – will make me happier, better, safer. Cause it is not good right now, and will be if I achieve my goal.

But what are your goals? What’s the nature of them?

I want to make a career and establish my position in the world. I just want to make a money, because money can give me a lot. A lot of fun, safety, freedom. I want to change my spouse behaviour, or I want to break my current marriage and find another, better person to live with. I want to change politics. I want a new home. A trip around the world. A position in society. A success as an artist.

Where are your goals?

All these goals are rooted, ingrained in something outside. Outside of something that makes a wish, that express the will, that says – “I want”.  All this is hooked up to outside world. To the world that is perceived by us.

It is that some things in our environment: social, financial, physical; in outside world can make us fulfilled and happy. And opposite to that, some things can makes us uneasy, stressed, depressed, dissatisfied.

Treacherous links

There is a clear link, or more accurately  – links, between us, or something we describe as our inside, and outside. Things from outside makes us feel good or bad in many ways. That’s obvious.

But maybe not so. In fact, things from outside, excluding explicitly and currently experienced love or hate, cannot harm us or satisfy us in any way. But they do! Why?! Because we decided that way. We created bonds between some shapes of outside reality and our well-being.

We decided that some things in outside reality will evoke good feelings in us, and some will evoke bad ones. How we did it? Through expressing what we want.

We are turned to the…

We all live in a way, that all our will is ingrained in the outside. We literally are turned to the desired form of the world, to the “outside”. We are turned to it, and we are seeking fulfilling our will. Our will, how things  should be.

Natural hypnotic state

This is some kind of hypnosis, fixation, so strong, so natural for us, so ingrained in us, that we cannot see it, we cannot think of it. It is a way of perception, a way of thinking, a way of life. It is just a way of life, a way of living. It is our life.

Become a Creator

As long as we are turned to the desired and undesired forms of reality, we literally creating our own worlds, that we live in. We stop to live in a world that exist, we carve from it, and carve from ourselves, a world of ours. A world that we live in. A world that we are a God of it.

From now on, our thoughts, our imagination are plunged in that world we’ve created. We derive our emotions, our state of being from course of events. We are hypnotically enchained to the outside reality, cause we are depend on it, our state is depend on it, our happiness (and everything good) and our misery (and everything bad) depends on it. We depends of what we created, on that links. On the disparity or accordance, between our will about and reality itself.

How we (do we) survived?

The question is: How we survived till now?

First of all, not everyone survived. How many acknowledged suicides is in the world? 800 000. Almost a million. Try to imagine a city in the world. 800 000 ppl in it. Every year such a city makes suicide. How it looks? Still you think, we survived? How many people submerges oneself in self-destructive addiction, such as drugs or alcohol, just to ran away from suffering Need to remind such a man as Robin Williams?

Second, we survived cause events accidentally fitted better to our will. Third we survived because our efforts brings us some success, some relief. We change, some reality around us, or some feature of us, so we are glad, we achieved what we wanted. At last, for now.

The meaning of importance

When you live that way, it is – normal way, you are often plunged in the future and in the past. Your memory brings to your consciousness, pictures of the past. Your imagination, constantly brings in front of your awareness pictures of possible future. It is all, because form of reality you meet, matters for you!

As reality matters for you, cause you decide that way, you will ceaselessly return to the future and past, cause the future can determine you, your state, your well-being, all you want.  So it is immensely important.  And past is a set of previously experienced harms or pleasures to your inside, and your inside is still living and bearing all these emotions.

Where do we live?

So you live in your thoughts. You struggle to achieve success, which means to achieve/change reality you perceive in order to get positive state, fulfilment. Almost everything can be a threat. And you can loose. You really can.

These are all results of turning to the world (or rather to desired form of it). Hypnotic way of life we live nowadays. All we lose, walking through that lane in the forest of life, is – the real world. The only real world. The real world is not not then, and it is not there. It is here and now. And we can’t see it, experience it, as long as “we want“. Because wanting drive us away from here and now, to then and there and that way.

Can we turn off from…

The crucial question is, can we live without wanting anything? Is it possible? After all, all good things we do, we do, because we want something good. If we want nothing, will anything have any importance for us? No. Then, nothing will be important. Because importance is not a fact. It is not a feature of things. It is a just a name of link, between you and desired by you form of life, of reality.

We have so many links like that, that can literally turn us apart. Or can give us desired emotions. The name of every such a link is a importance. It is nothing more.

But again. Can we live in a way, that nothing is important and there is nothing in reality what we want, that can make us more satisfied, happy, fulfilled? Will we then do anything in any direction or will we just live till we die?

Here and now

We still want. We want answers. We want ways. We want solutions for what is not now. We want to have them.

But now, we can’t have anything. Now, we can only be and do something. So we can’t have answers. Because now, there are no questions. We can just try. To turn away from our hypnotic turning to desired form of reality, from our greed to have… control. From our ingrowth in outside world.

and we can discover, what cannot be said, and cannot be think of,

but exist, and waits,

with care, with patience, with love

Maybe it is true, that in order to find ourselves, we need to loose ourselves. In order to save our live, we must loose it. Just that new “we” will be so different from what we can predict, so … beyond.

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