Perfection in life

I found this tip on a blog “ADaringAdventure”:

“Perfectionists are more likely to suffer from depression”

Being perfect is not quite human

It can be summed up as “It is wrong to be perfect”. As I remember one of the essays of Leszek Kolakowski, a polish philosopher, he claimed that, to some extent, hypocrisy is good. You are not perfect if you are a hypocrite. That’s a bless, because perfection means the dictatorship of reason. Nothing can be changed, because everything is perfect. It’s rigid, inhuman, and fragile attitude.

Being hypocrite, to some extend, means we tolerate two (or more) contradictory thoughts or values, or convictions. The key is in the word “tolerate”. So we can accept something, that is in conflict with our reason, What’s more, we declare that way, we are (which is true) more than a concept, a set of thoughts, a bunch of reasonable and perfectly fitting ideas, that create that perfect being – us.

Imperfection is not an error

Imperfection is not an aberration of what “should be” or an error in our pursuit of perfection. Imperfection is our genuine feature, showing that we are living beings, not a dead set of rules.

We can be perfect

But we can. We can be perfect, just not in a common sense of this word. We can be perfect in pursuing love, life, beauty. Like a flower. Flower is perfect, but not because it has some dimensions and shape that can be thought or decreed. It is perfect, because it is an expression of beauty. So the same way we can be perfect. Not as being meeting some close set of requirements and established rules, but as an expression of friendship, reliability, pursuit of beauty, and, most of all, of love.

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