All we have is our gaze

Our mental gaze

All we have is our gaze, our mental sight. We are looking at, something, always.  We cannot stop doing it. We are just – that sight. It is all we have. What we look at? What we see?


What we look at?

Wow. Mainly so called “problems”.  In front of our inner eyes, we see mainly what threatens us, what we recognize as a threat. We see all the harms done to us. We see people we love and people we hate. We see scenes from our past, when we get hurt. We see scenes from the future when we are winners, or quite opposite, when we loose and get hurt. We try to play these scenes, again and again, to “get” a better results.

We look at what we desire.  We look at what should be, but it isn’t. We look at all the differences between what we think should be (right) and is opposite.

We are where our gaze is. That’s all we have. That’s our reality.

What we are

When we were young, I mean, before we were born, or some months after, the gaze, the perception – were literally us. There was not “us“.  There were only perception (gaze). The sentence “we” have “our gaze” (or perception), means that what happened, was a separation between a perception (gaze) and us. “Us” is something that knows what it looks at, knows that it looks, and can decide what to look at.

This, mentioned above, separation separates us from everything else. So Buddhism is wrong, when it claims, that we are not exist, that “self” is a fiction. If we weren’t be “self” we couldn’t do anything, because we wouldn’t be.

What Buddhism is right about, is that substantially we are part of everything, and we can feel it, if we can go out of compulsive thinking.

For where your gaze is, there you will be also.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

You will be, where you treasure is. You are, where you gaze is directed. Not only mentally, or in figurative meaning. You are a mental being, you are literally there where your gaze is, where your attention is directed.

You cannot not to look at, because you are separate from everything else. Thus because you are different than anything else, you can, and have to, be a part of relationship to something else. Every your action, every your perception is creating of relationship.

Looking at, directs you into the world and simultaneously creates the world for you. It creates your home. It creates reality you live in. It creates you, in reverse.

You are your gaze. You literally create the world you live in and yourself, every time you look –  in your consciousness – at anything. You still doing it, even in that very moment. You did it all your life and will do it till its end. That’s your first and main activity and feature.

So what to look at?

Eckhart Tolle will tell you to look on to the present moment. And he is generally right, because what hurts us, is looking at our “problems”, which are almost always not “here and now”.

Buddhism will tell you to look at everything in the same moment, and to cross that way your harmful process of thinking.

Civilization and your culture will tell you to look at the future, to look for success. To look at possibilities and threats. To look at yourself. Your body, your fame, your wealth, your happiness and well beings.

Instinct will tell you to look for a pleasure, comfort, security and survival.

Christianity will tell you to look only at God. And God in that context means something that brings you on to existence. It is the “mother” relationship that creates, it is Love, that emerges from itself everything else.

Where you good at it?

So, that’s all. Be aware what you looking at. When you are in bed in the morning and didn’t get up. When you are in the train and looking through the window. When you are sitting with you coffee. All the time you are creating your home, your reality, you yourself by looking at something through your thoughts. Were you aware of it? Were you did it good?


If you are an English speaker, every language correction will be appreciated.

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