We are all addicts

Every concept is false. Every definition is misleading. Every term is just a mark. All of it comes from greed. From desire to fulfil our inside. To get the world. To have it.

So. What we want? All these explanations, all these methods, all this wisdom, is another trap. Another burden. Another prison.
We will repeat and repeat this again, till we break down or fall. And then, there is a chance. To see the truth.
The truth beyond words. Or above. The truth that can’t be said or explain. The truth that exist.
But we still desire. That’s how we are. We are looking for. We are looking around. And that, exactly, makes us suffer, unfulfilled, unhappy.
Better ways, better methods, better actions, better techniques, more words full of wisdom are just one more, little more comfortable, drive to the hell we live in.
In truth, there is nothing to desire. Nothing to gain or achieve. All these attitudes are ramifications of the big bang. The first sin. The change of our nature. The feeling of sweetness of fulfilling our will.
Yeah. It is sweet. It is good. When it is, as we know/think it should be. When we find, what we are looking for. Yeah. That’s a pleasure. That’s a jolt of energy, flowing through our mind and body. Yeah, we desire it. And yeah, we are addicts.
And as with every addiction, removal of that source of pleasure, cause us to suffer. So we struggle for a remedy. To get what we want. And there are many ways to get it. You have to put more effort in your struggle to achieve what you want. You have to have a strong and clear desire, what you want. You must organize your life and manage your time. You must work with your emotions.
And yes! There is a chance for success. At least for a while. You can get it! You just have to strive harder. To be patient. To not give up. And… in an ocean of discontent, which you are aware of, or unaware, you may get your moments of real pleasure. That drug, which gives you – ecstasy.
If you wouldn’t get these dosages of pleasure, you may reject drug, or give up to try to get it. It may lead you to the night of suffering, but in the end, you may find yourself free from addiction.
But. There is a good message. It won’t go that way. You will get your dosage of pleasure. Just enough to keep you running for another jolt. To keep you as a client in that cosmic mad endeavour.

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