It’s good to give up.

Heave you heard “Do not give up” or “As long as you don’t give up, you are a winner.”? So what you must avoid at all cost, is – giving up. If you give up, you are no longer a winner, you are a loser. You lost.

Colors of autumn.
Colors of autumn.

So “don’t giving up” is imperative. A higher duty on us. An undeniable request. We just can’t do that. It is unacceptable.

So how is our position, our situation? Not very lucky, of course. There is a threat on us “we can break and give up”. There is a demand on us. So there is a struggle under the pressure. There is a position where we put ourselves, accepting this imperative.

So let’s look in a different way. It is good to give up. Not desired but quite ok.

First: It’s natural. Most natural things is good. When you, just can’t bear something any more, you give up. There is nothing wrong with giving up. It’s a natural way, to relieve unbearable pressure, get to the stage, when you can function “normally”, where you have equity and resources. Maybe it is not the stage you planned or wanted, but for sure it is a stage you needed.

Second: Accepting that giving up is ok, reliefs pressure putted on you. You can give up, and nothing is wrong, with you, and with your life. It is ok. And if so. There is nothing to be afraid of, and there is nothing to regret if it happens. So you gain more freedom and flexibility if you don’t gave up and you gain much more strength and resources when you gave up. You will have no burden, that can prevent and hinder you to stand up again.

Third: It is stupid, to impose this “don’t give up” rule on yourself. It suggest, that we are in a deplorable situation: we can be lost. So our life become a treadmill, an endless effort to not loose. So stupid. So pitiful. There are just ideas! Idea of losing, idea of winning, idea of success, idea of lost. All these, are ideas based on compulsive wanting. Based on creating conviction of desired shape of reality, and wanting is happen at all costs. Do not accept ideas that are harmful to you, only because you hear them from people looks reasonable. They are just thoughts!

So. Giving up is good. If you gave up, it is nothing wrong with you. It is ok. It is just normal. You are not wrong. You are not bad. You are not week. You did nothing wrong. You did good, at the time you did it, Really.

So now. You can do, whatever you want. You can jump, you can plan, you can just meet another day, with that blessed ignorance, that is a source of all real knowledge. Because you can rather see, than paint. You can rather understand, than talk, you can rather do something, than want, afraid, regret…

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