The stream of thoughts and the picture of yourself

Your emotions draws you into imaging yourself, into seeing yourself, into perceiving yourself. Quite unconsciously.

The thing is: we do not see that, we constantly creating and / or producing the picture of ourselves.   We are focused on our emotions, on our feelings. On what we experience, or just experienced.

But we are not focused on what really happens, but rather on that stream of emotions we experience as feelings. It makes us to unconsciously and ceaselessly produce the picture of ourselves, that we become.

Then we come to the convictions. Something like: “I am fucked up. I am finished. World is wrong.”

These emotions are nothing objective, they are nothing true. They are just a harmful stream. A loop, between, convictions, experience, perceptions.

Do not believe them. They are absolutely subjective. They do not reflect reality. They are an effect of your prior convictions, that predetermines your perception, which generates stream of feelings, that convince you in your prior convictions, which is a conviction of who you are, how you are, what the world is.

So get back to the picture of yourself and work with it.  How do you look like in that picture? How is it feel like, to be like in that picture?

That’s your fight, that’s your way, that’s your task, that’s your possibility, to deny unconsciously creating picture of yourself and do it, base on your values, on what you would like to be, on what you believe.

If you believe in God, you may imagine yourself, as God may see you. You have an option to see yourself, as God want you – to see yourself. Who and how are you in the eyes and will of God?

So, if you are (a little) depressed or sad,  you may try to do something with picture of yourself,  and… tell me, how it is…

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