Nothing is serious

I think that maybe nothing is serious. Seriously. Even that statement above. But we must. We should. We ought to.  Fuck it. Leave it. Forget it.

Maybe everything we’ve learned, is a scam? Is a burden. Is a useless matrix, repeated generation by generation. Created by some people, who just experimented with thoughts or, even worse, wanted a controll over other people.

Trully saing I don’t know. And even I don’t know if I should know. If I should want to know, but I want. Mainly.

So the bottom line is this: I don’t know, anything. And maybe it is much better position than any possible else to start. So, let’s try to go nowhere, knowing nothing. It can be quite a journey.


If you are an english speaker I would really appreciate any language advise and correction, couse you see, my english is just like a stone in the water.

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